Auditions for Freshers in upcoming Bollywood movie

Auditions for Freshers in upcoming ‘Bollywood” movie

We are giving Golden opportunities to fresher Aspirants and to the people who were willing to become an Actor or Actresses in the Bollywood. Auditions will be held in Mumbai. Casting and Shootings will be done in Mumbai and Delhi. Profile management of selected Candidates will be done by Production Company. An agreement will be signed with selected candidates for the time period, till the casting and shooting of movie is done. Auditions will start from 10th of January .

We need candidates who can fulfill following requirements:

For lead role pair:

Male Age: 18-23

Male Age: 25-30

Candidate should have Toned body, Height-5’3 to 5’6, Fair complexion with no marks on face.

Female Age: 16-18

Girl must have long black hair, Height-5’1 to 5’3 and slim figure.

Second lead role pair:

Male Age: 45-50

Male Age: 42-47

Candidate should have a strict voice like Father and able to stay in the same nature of character till the end.

Female Age:  40-45

Female Age: 40-45

Females should be aware of the Character and Nature of the Typical Indian Mother.

Males and Females require to play role of Friends group. They must know the nature of friends in today’s generation.

Male Age: 18-22

Male Age: 22-26

Male Age: 25-30

Female Age: 18-20

Female Age: 22-24

Candidates must have knowledge of acting techniques and tricks. Candidates are not bound to be trained but the qualities of acting should be there. Further information will be given after the selection and candidates are need to come with portfolio for presentation and screening process. Middle age artists both male and female must be healthy mentally and physically. Candidate’s screen age should be exact as given above.

Audition Date:

15/01/2017 To 05/01/2017
Time: 12:00 pm to 05:00 pm

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